French Floral Oils

As appreciators of nature, enjoyers of authenticity and lovers of our own bodies, we all want to keep ourselves as healthy, energetic, youthful and beautiful as possible in the most natural, wholesome ways. While all-natural skin, hair and body care may seem difficult to find in stores, the solution is as simple and accessible as herbs, flowers and seeds found in organic gardens. When you're looking for refreshing, rejuvenating body care products to turn around your beauty routine, La Tourangelle's French floral body care oils are the perfect addition to your daily regime. Aromatic, all-natural and infused with beneficial flowers, herbs and plants, our floral body care oils make a difference you can feel.

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How We Make Our French Floral Oils

La Tourangelle is dedicated to the passionate production of organic oils that benefit your body with the uncompromised properties of our original ingredients. Steeped in the authentic French roots of Loire Valley roasting and pressing methods perfected 150 years ago, we carry on the tradition of our family in our California sister mill. Like our edible oils, our French floral body oils are created by lovingly extracting the properties of plants, flowers and herbs, expeller-pressing and infusing them into luscious, natural oils you can use directly on your skin.

La Tourangelle thrives to master the art of extracting Nature's hidden natural treasures. From this uncompromising and relentless pursuit comes our organic French floral body care oils, produced from wild organic flowers foraged in France. This line brings serene beauty to the daily routine.

How to Use Our French Body Care Oils

Our unique, soothing, aromatic oils can be used in a variety of wholesome ways to enhance your beauty routine and improve your lifestyle. Here is how to use French floral body oils:

  • Soothing: If you're in need of a natural remedy for muscle pain, dry skin, bruises or chapped areas, use our organic arnica-infused oil to soothe aches and pains and restore beauty and balance to your body. Nothing will feel better than this natural salve infused with wild arnica flowers.
  • Firming: Try applying our organic daisy oil to tone and firm loose tissue, strengthen blood vessels and maintain an appealing, youthful appearance for your skin and breasts.
  • Repairing: For your babies' sensitive or irritated skin, your own dry, inflamed skin or any topical irritation, smooth our organic calendula oil on for an anti-inflammatory effect that will soothe and repair skin like ointment. 
  • Refreshing: When you wish to be as radiant as possible, apply our organic carrot-infused oil to tint your skin, extend the duration of natural tans and look your most dazzling.

Buy French Floral Body Care Oils Online

La Tourangelle strives to uphold our promise of passionate integrity and high quality when it comes to our products. Refresh, repair and revitalize your skin with our all-natural, organic floral body care oils — you will never feel better. Purchase your own body care oils online today and contact us with any questions.