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Fleur De Sel Almond Butter

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Our Fleur De Sel Almond Butter is unique: each batch of locally sourced almonds is hand-roasted in French-made cast iron kettles in our solar powered California mill. Our almond butter is made of 3 ingredients, just almonds, almond oil, and French fleur de sel salt with no palm oil and no added sugars. Fleur de sel is a gourmet flaky salt that is harvested in France and has a smooth flavor that adds the perfect crunch. This true artisan almond butter features a delicious nutty taste that is perfect for topping on toast, oatmeal, smoothies, and baking!

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Elizabeth Nelson
Total fans!

Fleur de Sel Almond Butter has become firmly installed in the breakfast lineup in our home....I have taken to ordering multiple bottles at a time ---might as well take advantage of that free postage for the minimum purchase, right?!
Recently, when there was a hiccup in production obliging us to wait for our backordered supply, my son purchased 2 respectable brands to keep us going until arrival.....totally confirming our opinion that La Tourangelle Fleur de Sel Almond Butter is the best!

Ashley Adams

I had such high hopes! I bought both types of Almond Butter, both the salted and the roasted. Both were disappointing. Not a lot of flavor, runny consistency. Tried it on toast and couldn't finish it.

Christine P Macomber

Enjoyed on apples, muffins, cornbread—most anything.

Hi Christine,

We just wanted to thank you for leaving such a positive review. We're so happy to hear you enjoyed our Almond Butter. We are so glad you are discovering all the great uses for it.

La Tourangelle Team

Audrey Steuer
Delicious Almond Butter

The almond butter is tasty and smooth and I am so happy that it is all natural. I feel comfortable eating it, knowing it's a healthy product.

Hi Audrey,

We just wanted to thank you for leaving such a positive review. We're so happy you enjoyed our Almond Butter!

La Tourangelle Team

Great taste but too much oil.

I just opened my second jar of Flour De Sel almond butter, and like the first one, it is delicious! I do want to say though, that there is a LOT of oil sitting on top - I pour it all of and the almond butter is still creamier than most. Not sure why added oil is necessary ?