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French Roasted Almond Butter

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Our French Roast Almond Butter is unique: each batch of locally sourced almonds is hand-roasted in French-made cast iron kettles in our solar powered California mill. Our almond butter is made of 2 ingredients, just almonds and almond oil with no palm oil and no added sugars. This true artisan almond butter features a delicious nutty taste that pairs well with bread, crackers, fruit preserves, and so much more!

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Jackie Fleming

Very tasty, I love the roasted almond butter, love the roasted flavor!

Elizabeth Nelson
Best almond butter ever!!!!

I had been underwhelmed by the various brands of almond butter I've tried in the past, but given the wonderful quality of your walnut and hazelnut oil, I decided to take the plunge and order both the French Roast and the Fleur de Del almond butters at the same time. Ha! Ha! Big mistake! Both are so delicious in their own way that we'll just have to keep ordering both....Hint: pain ah levain toast with almond butter and raspberry jam is divine!

Hi Elizabeth,

We agree, Almond Butter toast with jam is phenomenal. We just wanted to thank you for leaving such a positive review. We're glad you enjoyed both of our Almond Butters as much as we do!

La Tourangelle Team

Almost exquisite

It's very good. However, I think it would be the ultimate almond butter if you either (1) took the roasting down one shade, or (2) kept the roasting dark like it is but add a little sea salt to round out and balance the flavor. But yes, I'll buy again.

Roasted, a new taste level

Loved the roasted almond butter. Roasting brings out a whole other depth of deliciousness.

Inna K
French Roasted Almond Butter

This is not your usual or regular almond butter. The French Roasted Almond Butter has a deep, well-done-roasted-almonds flavor and color. I loved it, because I love well roasted nuts/seeds and La Tourangelle bold-flavor oils. Texture of this almond butter gives me mixed filings. The texture is slightly on a runny side (yes, I stirred it very well). It will be perfect in baking, to add to the batters and doughs. It will be perfect to make sauces and dips. For those that plan to make an almond butter sandwich and take it to go, the texture is slightly runny. But for a bread slice smeared with this almond butter and eaten at home, it's perfectly fine. My next journey is to add La Tourangelle French Roasted Almond Butter to the almond chocolate chip skillet cookie recipe. I already know that the final result will be phenomenal. I will be back to purchase the Butter again.