Infused Oils

Creating in the kitchen is an artistic process of discovery. Whether you're working from a recipe, venturing off on your own cooking experiments, recreating the tastes of your childhood or perfecting your version of classic cultural cuisine, fantastic food is all about flavor. When you are looking for nutrition-rich, flavorful additions to your favorite dishes, La Tourangelle's herb-infused oils are the perfect ingredient to enhance taste while keeping your creations all-natural. With unique, aromatic varieties including basil, pesto, garlic and herbs de Provence, every flavor of our organic infused oils is a new discovery. Use them all to create a pure cooking palette from traditional, trusted sources.Read More

How We Make Our Herb-Infused Finishing Oils

La Tourangelle is dedicated to preserving the authentic tradition and flavorful heritage of our French family roots. Our natural infused oils are unique because they are made a little differently than our nut and seed oils. We wait until our herbs are as fresh as possible and integrate them into our organic sunflower oil for the most delicious, natural combinations with a difference you'll taste.

How to Use Our Natural Infused Oils

The Infused Oil collection is the perfect set of easy-to-use aromatic herbal oils. Each unique flavor of these stunning French-infused oils lies in the quality of the herbs used. When herbs are at their peak freshness, they are naturally infused with organic, expeller-pressed, high-oleic sunflower oil, giving you endless cooking possibilities.Here are a few ways you can incorporate our infused artisan oils into your artistic food creations:
  • Drizzle: If you have crafted a fantastic dish and are searching for just a little extra dash of flavor to finish it off, herb-infused oils are the perfect finishing touch. Add a deliciously light, aromatic tinge of garlic, pesto, basil or rosemary and thyme to your most delicate dishes with an oil drizzle.
  • Whisk: There is no better base for a delicious sauce, condiment or vinaigrette than our infused artisan oils. Whip up a mouthwatering, herbal dressing for your salads, create a subtle, aromatic sauce to round out your dishes or add your favorite herb-infused oil into your homemade condiments for a refined hint of flavor in the simplest meal.
  • Dip: Our natural infused oils are just as delicious on their own as in all your dishes. Savor their authentic flavor by using them as dips for your favorite bread.

Buy Infused Oils Online

La Tourangelle is passionately invested in the authentic quality and uncompromised integrity of our all-natural oils. Even more, we want our products to inspire the artist in everyone. Paint your passionate kitchen creations with a palette of beautiful herb-infused oils to please your creative cooking urges.

Herbs de Provence Oil
$6.99 Our Herbs de Provence Infused Oil is infused with fresh rosemary and thyme.
Basil Oil
$6.99 Our Basil Infused Oil is infused with fragrant young basil.
Garlic Oil
$6.99 Our Garlic Infused Oil is infused with fresh, aromatic garlic. You can perform miracles on any dish or sauce, or use it simply as a dipping oil.
Pesto Oil
$6.99 La Tourangelle has created an elegantly delicious cooking oil in its Walnut Pesto Oil. The flavor of Roasted Walnut Oil harmonizes the natural basil and garlic infusions into an oil with true and tasty Pesto notes.
Infused Gift Trio
$20.99 The Infused Gift Trio is an incredibly flavorful and delicious combination. It features our Garlic, Basil, and Herbs de Provence infused oils. These oils each bring their intense flavor to any recipe you would like.