Conscious eating promotes health…but eating consciously without enjoying the tastiness of a dish doesn’t inspire the mind.

With our oils we want to awaken the senses associated with a good meal: the togetherness felt around a table, the satisfaction the cook feels at the guests’ enjoyment, the joy of parents have seeing their children enjoying a healthy meal, the happiness of an individual amazed by her/his own dish, the foodies’ desire to share their discoveries, the content satisfaction of a lunch eaten at the desk thanks to a single ingredient…..Senses awoken from food make us happy and beautiful.

Our organic beauty oils are produced with the same idea:  that which makes us happy makes us beautiful. Cherishing one’s skin and hair with a pure, all-natural, unique organic product is also a way to maintain happiness and beauty. Trusting the benefits of one natural single product to protect, nourish, and moisturize skin and hair without the use of chemicals is a relief!

We believe in the power of connection – connection with others, connection with ourselves. Let’s naturally beautify our bodies, our minds.