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We are a team of explorers and builders who stand behind the authenticity and quality of our craft. Join us if your passion is pairing innovation with artisan excellence.

Matthieu Kohlmeyer

My French grandfather passion was his garden: he spent the last 30 years of his life cultivating his vegetable garden full time. For my family, good food was synonymous with slow food. I can still remember the “true” taste of the tomatoes or strawberries that we were picking in our family garden. This is very much at the center of French gastronomy: ingredient matters- terroir matters- season matters.
As a cook today, I like cuisine that lets amazing ingredients shine.
When it comes to daily life, I wake up every morning having to cook for my 2 kids lunch! No time for fancy food; I stick to the basics, with quality ingredients and plenty of greens.

Favorite oils?
Walnut Oil- I make vinaigrettes every day. I love using our walnut oil- it makes my salad taste so much better. It is simple and gratifying: 4 Tbsp. of La Tourangelle walnut oil, 1 Tbsp. of vinegar, 1 tbsp. of real Dijon mustard, a dash of salt. Done.

Organic Olive Oil- I love our organic EVOO: for having it sourced myself, I know the love that came into making it and every time I open a can, I can smell the freshness of the product. EVOO remains a basic of our cooking and I wouldn’t trade our EVOO for any other ones.

Favorite place in California?
I live and work in Berkeley and I love it. Right on the Bay, in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, we enjoy the most gorgeous views while living in a vibrant multicultural community. The food culture is awesome and true artisan foods are celebrated everyday by restaurants and home Chef alike!

Matthieu KohlmeyerPresident and CEO
Hanh Nguyen

I love to cook – for friends and family; I will try everything, Asian, American, Mexican, French, giving it a new twist every time based on experience and/or gut feeling. Using the large variety of oils that La Tourangelle has to offer is a great plus for an amateur cook. If I have time and in town on the weekend, I will whip up something fancy like a roast, canard a l’orange (I believe I do have the best recipe), beef Bourgignon… Sit down, candles lit…

Favorite oils?
Coconut Oil, especially the Fair Trade Virgin Coconut Oil. Cooking, hair, skin care. You can use for everything.
Flavored oils – all of them are good, Thai Wok, Stir fry, Basil, Garlic and Herbes de Provence. I always used them in salad dressings and to dress my steamed veggies. They are also delicious just dipping bread in.

Favorite place in California?
Southern California, where I came from – especially Huntington Beach, because of family, nice weather and relaxed atmosphere.

Hanh NguyenVP of QA & Regulatory
Gwenn Goffin

My wife being a trained chef, I am the “optional” cook at home. What pleases me the most is to take care of the salad dressing. We do not have any pre-made dressings in the fridge and our kids love having a new “papa sauce” to taste each time. Usually, I would mix a few different oils from La Tourangelle to create a unique vinaigrette with any type of vinegar available in the pantry, adding mustard and whatever inspiring spices that are at my reach.

Favorite oils?
Pistachio oil: this is the most delicious oil I have ever tasted! Full of flavor, rich, it enhances just about anything you cook in the kitchen.
Sesame oil: great to add on fried rice and in my vinaigrette’s.

Famous recipe?
A fresh tomato salad with avocado and mozzarella cheese. I typically add a little bit of basil oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and cilantro.

Favorite place in California?
Lake Tahoe is my favorite destination all year round. From the cold snowy mountains in winter for skiing to the nice beaches in summer for paddle boarding, this place is just beautiful and relaxing! Let’s keep Lake Tahoe blue!

Gwenn GoffinVP and CFO
Nick Heiser

Favorite oil?
Herbs d’Provence

Famous recipe?
Herbs d’Provence skillet popcorn.  Take our oil and pop the kernels on a skillet.  Voila!

Favorite place in California?
Taft Point in Yosemite National Park.

Nick Heiser Senior Director of Production & Engineering
Rosanne Kim

Favorite oil?
Our Roasted Walnut Oil. Classic and bold. Love the Omega 3s!

Famous recipe?
So many awesome recipes, too many to choose from. Some of my favorite ways to use our oils include drizzling some walnut oil into pancake batter or on top of avocados or salad with a dash of salt and pepper. I am also addicted to popcorn and love to spray popcorn with our avocado oil spray. It adds a buttery note without feeling heavy. And lastly, our garlic oil adds just the right flavor to any greens and sautéing kale has never been so easy!

Favorite place in California?
Camping by the Russian River. I love being close to the Redwoods and great beaches like Jenner and Johnson. Guerneville is also a nice food town and the whole vibe is laid back, relaxing and fun.

Rosanne KimVP Marketing
Katie Mayfield

Favorite oil?

I really love our Hazelnut oil. It goes so well with both sweet and savory dishes. Wonderful for salad dressings, and I recently drizzled it over Greek yogurt with plum preserves from my backyard tree. It felt like the good life!

Favorite Recipe?

I am the salad maker in our house, and I love to layer seasonal flavors together. My absolute favorite salad is best in the peak of springtime: the best greens you can get (I love arugula), sliced strawberries, minced green garlic, tossed in a vinaigrette of fresh squeezed lemon and our pistachio oil, then topped with crumbled French feta. Put that next to a piece of grilled local salmon and you’ve got some good eating!

Favorite place in California?

Anywhere along the coast: from Mendocino and Humboldt, to Big Sur, all the way down into Baja California. There is a laid-back vibe that is so quintessentially Californian, it’s the perfect place to look for whales, watch the surfers, exhale, and unwind.

Katie MayfieldVP of People & Change
Peter Wynkoop
Peter WynkoopVP of Sales