What Cooking Spray Is Best for Air Fryer Cooking?

best cooking spray for air fryer

Air frying uses less oil than almost any other cooking method, making it one of the healthiest options you can choose in the kitchen. Choose a non-aerosolized, non-processed spray to evenly distribute the oil while preventing chipping and other damage to the surface of your air fryer.

Why Should You Use Cooking Oil with an Air Fryer?

Despite what the name may suggest, air frying does require the use of some oil for a stunning result. Oil keeps food from sticking to the basket or racks in your fryer. It also helps your food retain moisture and build up a crispy, straight-from-the-fryer crust. The only time you may want to forget the extra oil is when you are cooking fatty meats, like dark meat chicken or beef.

The Best Oil for Air Fryer Cooking

The right air fryer cooking spray depends on the food you are preparing, the temperature at which you are cooking and your personal preference. Ensure the oil you are using has a smoke point higher than the temperature you are using. Some of our favorite oils include:

  • Olive oil: For foods cooked at 375 degrees or below
  • Canola oil: For cooking below 400 degrees
  • Baking spray: For sweet treats fried below 400 degrees
  • Grapeseed oil: For cooking up to 420 degrees
  • Avocado oil: For dishes prepared at up to 520 degrees

Preparing to Use Your Air Fryer with Cooking Spray

Follow these three easy steps when using cooking spray with your air fryer:

  1. Preheat: Prepare the air fryer by giving it two to four minutes to heat up to your desired temperature.
  2. Coat: Pull out the basket and spray oil onto any area that will touch the food. Then, lightly spray your food before placing it in the fryer. Cook as directed.
  3. Check: About halfway through the cooking process, open your air fryer and see whether your food needs more oil. You can give it another light spray if it is starting to look dry or burnt on the outside.

Use Artisan Oils From La Tourangelle

The best air fryer cooking oils come from La Tourangelle. We bottle our organic artisan oils in non-aerosolized spray canisters that dispense in three convenient settings — drip, stream, and spray. They protect the oil from exposure to light and air, preserving freshness and flavor so you can enjoy it to the last drop. Turn your kitchen into an art studio today.

use La Tourangelle cooking oil spray for air fryer

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