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"Although there are many other brands of walnut oil on the market, La Tourangelle's stands out because of its high quality."

SF Gate

Instead of exporting oil, CEO Matthieu Kohlmeyer brought the French style of oil making to Woodland, California, applying time-honored methods to local crops-not just walnuts, but also almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, pecans, and peanuts."

Martha Stewart

"A good organic olive oil cooking spray is a staple in my kitchen. I'm using La Tourangelle right now. I use this for roasting veggies and when I'm cooking almost anything in a pan."

Jessica Alba for Cooking Light

"My favorite salad oil is roasted walnut oil. There’s a wonderful walnut oil made in California—La Tourangelle—that has a rich flavor just right for beet salads or just about any other salad. It’s so good for you that there is absolutely no reason to skimp on salad dressing."

La Tourangelle
La Tourangelle
La Tourangelle