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Aceite de Semilla de Uva

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< p>Las uvas han seducido a los humanos durante siglos con sus legendarios néctares rojos y blancos. Pero también tienen otro aspecto tentador. Cuando se prensan, las semillas de uva diminutas producen aceite de color verde con propiedades notables. La Tourangelle Expeller-Aceite de semilla de uva prensado tiene un sabor ligero y contiene un alto nivel de polyunsaturated fat< / a>. También se puede calentar hasta 450°F, lo que lo convierte en un compañero de cocina saludable ideal.

Temperatura de cocción: < / span > < / strong > High< / p>

Usos para cocinar: < / strong > Saltear, freír, asar< / p>

Sabor: Aceite de cocina neutro y cotidiano< / p>

Ideas de recetas:< / strong > < / p> < ul> < li> Pan Seared Brazino< / a >
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Lemon Poppy Cake< / li >

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    Doghouse Reilly
    Perfect for seasoning a new cast iron skillet...

    Seasoned a new cast iron skillet with your Grapeseed to no smoke or odor. The key is to wipe it off until you think it's dry and then wipe it again.
    It came out time for some serious cooking!

    Blanca Sanchez
    Love this grapeseed oil.

    I trust your brand to be organic as the label says... Love it and would buy for my mom real soon.

    Dennis Bergmann
    Uses of grapeseed oil.

    In my last batch of mayonnaise, I used a 50/50 blend of grapeseed sunflower oils, and it was one of my best mayonnaise experiments.

    Barbara Beehner
    frying oil

    Frying/browning things in grapeseed oil is healthier than all other oils, browns beautifully and leaves no "after" taste to take away from other seasonings.

    The best ever

    Canola oil tends to be fishy, I don't much care for peanut oil. La Tourangelle grapeseed oil is a wonderful find, I know it will always be totally fresh and the smoke point is high, plus its flavor is nonexistent to me, which works for so many things. So glad I found it.