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Si disfruta del complejo sabor de los aceites de acabado y las mejoras naturales y con mucho cuerpo que brindan en todas sus tareas de cocina, horneado y otros esfuerzos culinarios, nuestro aceite de maní tostado puede ser el ingrediente que falta en su cocina. Con elementos totalmente naturales y la más alta integridad en los procesos de tostado, extracción y prensado, nuestro aceite de maní artesanal brinda un sabor audaz, nutrientes beneficiosos y una variedad de oportunidades para sus deliciosos platos.

Temperatura de cocción: Medio-Elevado

Usos de cocina: Saltear, hornear, rociar

Sabor: Atrevido, aromático y sabroso

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David Ogawa

Fantastic product - essential for slaws, salads, and noodle dishes!

Doreen Alyinovich

Roasted Peanut Oil

Marcelo Elliott
Switching to Peanut oil for frying, switched from Veg oil for taste and quality in my cooking! =)

Overall this is a great quality and flavor option.

John A
Great base for roasted nut butters

I originally bought this to add to homemade peanut butter to thin it, obviously it has a perfectly complimentary flavor. I tried it with roasted almond and cashew butters, it suits those nicely as well. Looking forward to getting some of the other roasted nut oils that La Tourangelle offers, every one of their products I've used is outstanding.
In addition to having a very clean roasted flavor, peanut oil is mostly mono-unsaturated so it mostly stays liquid at refrigerated temps, which keeps the nut butters creamy. If you stick the can of oil in your fridge, a small amount of it- the portion that is saturated- will thicken, but will dissolve again when it reaches room temp.
I keep reading questions and reviews (mostly at Amazon) about the smoke point of this oil and asking how hot you can use it for cooking. Roasted nut oils are finishing oils, like extra virgin olive oil. They are not for cooking. You add them to flavor a dish. Salad dressing, drizzled on soup or pasta, meat or fish at the end, etc. They add roasted flavor and fragrance. Use refined peanut oil to cook or fry in, not this stuff. Cooking or frying food in oil that costs over $80 per gallon is nutty.