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La Tourangelle fabrica este Aceite de Sésamo tostado siguiendo estrictamente los métodos tradicionales porque creemos que el cuidado artesanal sigue siendo la mejor manera de retener todos los sabores, nutrientes y beneficios para la salud que proporciona la naturaleza.

Creemos que el mejor aceite de semilla de sésamo tostado debe ser audaz y complejo, pero no abrumador. Esto solo se logra a través de una cuidadosa selección de semillas de sésamo de la más alta calidad, que se tostan ligeramente, se prensan con expulsor y se filtran suavemente a la perfección. El resultado es este aceite de color marrón dorado que agrega un rico sabor a nuez a su vinagreta, salteado o adobo.

Temperatura de cocción: < / span > < / strong > Medium< / span >

Usos para cocinar: < / strong > Saltear, adobar, aderezar< / p>

Sabor: Negrita, tostado, sabor a nuez< / p>

Ideas de recetas:< / strong > < / p> < ul> < li> Sriracha Glazed Salmon
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Customer Reviews

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ann brooke reaugh
Possibly the best Sesame Oil full stop

Maybe it's the oil itself combined with the packaging, but this oil stays fresh tasting, and really good though the whole bottle. I'm on my third order, and I find this finishes so many dishes perfectly.

Fair-trade Linda
Nice addititionto a stir-fry

I was looking for something o perk up my stir fry and this oil adds a nice background taste to it. I also discovered a nice, soy-free, vegan, gluten-free Pad Thai sauce elsewhere. The two of them take supper to a whole new level.
Some people are very allergic to sesame, so be careful who you serve this to unless you know that everyone can have sesame safely.

I do wish these containers were just a bit more sturdy; they tend to come dented and then we have to start over. The result of shipping them more protected is lots of plastic waste. If the containers themselves were a bit thicker, all that plastic wouldn't be necessary.

how to store once opened?

i've cooked with this sesame oil for a long time and for asian dishes, it adds a restaurant quality. my q is once it is open and you won't use it for awhile, can i/should i store it in the fridge? or will it thus deteriorate in some way?

jake chyun
Sesame origin

Your oils are simply amazing, it would be great if you could list the country of origins for your ingredients. I want to avoid ingredients from certain places. Where are these sesame sourced from? Thanks in advance

Joan S Toder
I LOVE Toasted Sesame Oil

The oil has a nutty smell that goes well with salads, all veggies and chicken, as well. And, a little goes a long way…Joan

Hi Joan,

We just wanted to thank you for leaving such a positive review. We're so happy to hear you enjoyed our Toasted Sesame Oil. We are so glad you are discovering all the great uses for it.

La Tourangelle Team