Fake avocado oil warning

Fake avocado oil warning

Dear Friends,

At La Tourangelle, we make oils and also operate 2 specialized oil analytical labs- one in California and one in France. Over the years, we have tested hundreds of avocado oil batches. Beside the basic Free Fatty Acids and Peroxide Value test, we systematically analyze the fatty acid profile of each batch of oil we pack. We also regularly test other brands of oil.

Unfortunately, we are seeing widespread blending of soybean oil or other types of vegetable oil in avocado oil commonly available in the market. The lack of enforcement by the FDA is letting careless brands buy fake avocado oil at a great price....or maybe those brands are just too happy to get a great price. As it turns out, it is fairly simple to identify fake avocado oil. Sad to see so many brands or retailers not paying enough attention.

In any case, if you buy avocado oil, please trust that La Tourangelle is testing each batch to verify its authenticity. Our avocado oil is green and clean.

We recommend you avoid getting avocado oil packed in plastic bottles or refined avocado oil at a killer price. If the price is too good to be true, it is usually not true avocado oil.

Email us at contact@latourangelle.com if you have any questions,

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