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Aceite de Coco Virgen Orgánico

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Si eres un amante de las creaciones culinarias, sabes que las mejores comidas se hacen con pasión, inspiración y los ingredientes más frescos y de la más alta calidad. No importa lo que esté cocinando en la cocina, necesita una adición para hacer que sus sabores tengan cuerpo, mejorar sus texturas y poner el toque final en sus platos. Con el aceite de coco La Tourangelle, has encontrado ese ingrediente mágico y natural.

La Tourangelle 100% orgánico, aceite de coco virgen es fresco y delicioso. Está hecho de cocos orgánicos que se prensan por expulsión dentro de los 4 días posteriores a su cosecha a mano. El Aceite de coco Virgen Orgánico La Tourangelle es realmente un ingrediente único que tiene un sabor de coco fresco puro, una textura hermosa y un aroma de coco excepcional. Nuestro frasco de 30 oz es perfecto para el cuidado del cuerpo de bricolaje. Cocinar, hornear, vestir, freír o hidratar la piel y el cabello — La Tourangelle Aceite de coco virgen extra puede hacerlo todo!

Temperatura de cocción: < / span > < / strong> < span>Medium - < / span > High< / p>

Usos para cocinar: < / strong > Saltear, hornear< / p>

Sabor: Negrita, aromática y sabrosa< / p>

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    Customer Reviews

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    Sensitive skin

    I love this oil. The only coconut oil that don’t make me itch. Others make me itch like I have flies. My skin is super sensitive. I have a high allergy to Nickel. And I’m not affected at all. I use it every where on my body. EVERY WHERE!!! Hint Hint.

    5 Stars. Versatile Oil (Food. Hair. Skin.). Celiac Safe.

    First of all, I give it 5 stars because while nothing on earth is perfect, online rating systems for shopping tend to penalize anything less than 5. It deserves 5. The company and the product are as fine as I can find anywhere.

    It tastes nice, mild hint of coconut but not strong. It's minimally handled. Comes in glass (except are certain larger sizes on Amazon in plastic?) Digests very easily (easy on pancreas, liver, and gall bladder). When I couldn't handle other fats, this worked for me. I'm a sensitive celiac - yet I have no trouble with this brand of oil - so the gluten free claim is real. Over time I went from only using it for food, to using it on skin. My g.p. and a dermatologist both gave me a big thumbs up when I mentioned using it - they knew of its beneficial properties. After bath / shower, I put it all over like lotion, especially hands and feet. An additional benefit vs my skin cream: the coconut oil may be a little slippery, but the next day you aren't left with any residue. It helps with scatches and bug bites healing. If out of toothpaste, I mix it with baking soda and brush (super clean - like the hygienist just cleaned) Then I realized it is great as a pre-shampoo conditioner. (Just a teeny dot rubbed into palms - worked through hair ends and length - then gentle shampoo. For hair - use far less oil than you think you need - like 1/32 tsp or less for short hair - Test when you don't have any where to go.) What more could I ask? It's so incredibly versatile. Thank you, La Tourangelle for making a good and safe product. (I can't tolerate a lot of products health-wise).

    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from La Tourangelle

    First of all, I gave only a 4 star rating because I do not think anything in this world is perfect. I don't know exactly when I started using this coconut oil, but a guess is about 3 years. It comes is glass jars, I have been satisfied with the price, and the quality, and use it for nearly all my oil needs. Healthwise, it is superior to butter and chemically processed oils.