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White Truffle Oil & Black Truffle Oil Set, Gift Box

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Our White Truffle Oil and Black Truffle Oil is the perfect gift for any food enthusiast. This set includes one White Truffle Oil and one Black Truffle Oil.

The Italian white alba truffle brings some notes of woods, earth, and fruit of the White Truffle Infused Oil which made ingredients and recipe rich. Perfect to fold into creamy mashed potatoes or drizzle over creamy soups, pastas, fries, and pizza. Our Black Truffle Infused Oil feature an earthy notes of damp forest and dried mushrooms of the French Périgord Black Truffle, which is perfect for appetizers, pastas, pizza, bread, and rich textured dishes.


White Truffle Oil, 250ml:

 Cooking Temperature: Low-Medium

 Cooking Uses: Finishing, dipping

 Flavor: Extra-Bold, flavor enhancing finishing oil


Black Truffle Oil, 250ml:

 Cooking Temperature: Low

 Cooking Uses: Finishing, dipping

 Flavor: Extra-bold, flavor enhancing finishing oil


Recipe Ideas: