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Sustainability as a Standard

At La Tourangelle we are passionate about making high quality ingredients that are good for the table, community and planet. Through regenerative farming, artisan production methods and nature friendly packaging we want to empower people to cook like they care.

Our artisan legacy makes honoring nature come easily. It is in our genes to revere trees, seeds, kernels and all of nature because we know that it is the only way to produce high-quality products. We are committed to sourcing organic products, working with cooperative fair trade certified suppliers and regenerative farmers, being transparent and honest with our claims evidenced in our certifications, and to giving back to our community with a focus on passing on our values to the next generation through supporting local edible gardens and farm to fork programs.

Sustainable Sourcing

La Tourangelle is commited to sourcing from sustainable, organic, and regenerative farmers. We use upcycled California nuts to make our nut oils and source from organic, regenerative, and family-farmers whenever possible. Regenerative farming reverses climate change by rebuilding the soil health and ecosystem. Instead of using pesticides and excessive tilling, regenerative agriculture places a high premium on soil health. La Tourangelle is doing our part to produce the best quality oils that renew our soil instead of depleting it. La Tourangelle is doing our part to produce the best quality oils that renew our soil instead of depleting it.

Sunflower Seeds

Low Impact Packaging

There are 380 tonnes of plastic waste produced each year. La Tourangelle uses post-consumer recycled waste on plastic packaging. We also utilize tin cans, not only to protect our oils from sunlight damage, but because they are also light, efficient to ship, and recyclable. Our spray oils are also produced sustainably. They are propellant and aerosol-free. We use a bag-in-valve technology to ensure that no chemicals are being propelled into the atmosphere.


Community Gardening

The La Tourangelle Foundation is proud to support Yolo Farm to Fork, a non-profit organization that is doing an incredible job to improve young people’s health through edible gardens. Our goal is to find and subsidize more local organizations that work towards educating young people on the importance of healthy eating habits.

Community Gardens

Sustainable Operations

From the moment we receive raw goods to the time our products ship out of our Woodland, CA artisan nut mill and production facility we are conscious of reducing environmental impact. At La Tourangelle we seek to reduce production waste by recycling pressed nut cakes through cattle feed program, and using recyclable packing materials and reducing plastic wherever possible. Additionally use a solar farm to supply our energy needs at our artisan nut mill in order to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Image of solar panels