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Toasted Sesame Oil

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La Tourangelle handcrafts this Toasted Sesame Oil strictly following traditional methods because we believe artisan care is still the best way to retain all the flavors, nutrients and health benefits that nature provides.

We believe the finest toasted sesame seed oil should be bold and complex but not overpowering. This is only achieved through carefully selecting the highest quality sesame seeds, which are lightly toasted, expeller-pressed, and gently filtered to perfection. The result is this golden-brown oil which adds rich, nutty flavor to your vinaigrette, stir-fry, or marinade.

Cooking Temperature: Medium

Cooking Uses: Sautéing, marinades, dressings

Flavor: Bold, toasted, nutty flavor

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Rebecca Moran
Sesame oil, avocado,


Love this stuff

I like to cook high heat and nut oils like this sesame oil are excellent for the job. The quality of this sesame oils is very high, it withstands the high heats very well. The flavor is smooth and earthy. Highly recommend!

ann brooke reaugh
Possibly the best Sesame Oil full stop

Maybe it's the oil itself combined with the packaging, but this oil stays fresh tasting, and really good though the whole bottle. I'm on my third order, and I find this finishes so many dishes perfectly.

Fair-trade Linda
Nice addititionto a stir-fry

I was looking for something o perk up my stir fry and this oil adds a nice background taste to it. I also discovered a nice, soy-free, vegan, gluten-free Pad Thai sauce elsewhere. The two of them take supper to a whole new level.
Some people are very allergic to sesame, so be careful who you serve this to unless you know that everyone can have sesame safely.

I do wish these containers were just a bit more sturdy; they tend to come dented and then we have to start over. The result of shipping them more protected is lots of plastic waste. If the containers themselves were a bit thicker, all that plastic wouldn't be necessary.

how to store once opened?

i've cooked with this sesame oil for a long time and for asian dishes, it adds a restaurant quality. my q is once it is open and you won't use it for awhile, can i/should i store it in the fridge? or will it thus deteriorate in some way?