Speckled Easter Eggs

Speckled Easter Eggs

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Why settle for ordinary dyed eggs when you can create a stylish speckled finish with rich Coconut Oil? The addition of oil to a simple dye solution creates a lovely swirling, mottled effect on the surface of hard-boiled eggs. Feel free to experiment with a variety of different colors to elevate your Easter decorations.

Prep Time


  • 12 hard-boiled eggs, preferably white
  • Food coloring or egg dye tablets from egg dying kits
  • White vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp La Tourangelle Coconut Oil, softened
  • Plastic wrap


  1. In a small bowl, add 3 Tbsp. of white vinegar to 1 cup of water, and then add about 20 drops of food coloring (or one egg dye tablet) and stir. Repeat the process for each color you’d like to use for dying the eggs.
  2. Tear a medium-size piece of plastic wrap, and place softened Coconut Oil in the middle. Fold the plastic wrap on itself, and press it together to spread the Coconut Oil on the plastic wrap. Unfold, and lay it flat.
  3. Roll each egg across the Coconut Oil plastic wrap, then place into the dye bowls.
  4. Once the eggs reach desired color, remove from the dye bowls and pat dry. Once fully dry, use a paper towel to wipe off any remaining Coconut Oil.

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