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Roasted Hazelnut Oil

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BPA Free
Made in California
Good Food Winner 2020
Gluten Free
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Expeller Pressed

In all your inspired culinary creations, you hope to deliver the most delectable textures, full flavors and tempting taste experiences possible. To craft dishes that are as fresh, flavorful and impressive as you dream, you need to start with the most natural, authentic and delicious ingredients. Luckily, La Tourangelle roasted hazelnut oil is an ideal addition to any dish.

Artisan Care: La Tourangelle handcrafts this Roasted Hazelnut Oil in Woodland, California strictly following 150-year-old French traditional methods because we believe artisan care is still the best ways to retain all the flavors, nutrients and health benefits that nature provides.

Well-kept secret: Roasted hazelnut oil is a well-kept secret of many top chefs who use it daily, adding another layer to the texture, aroma and flavor to their recipes. La Tourangelle Roasted Hazelnut melts with any flavors and gives a festive, unique touch to your meal, transforming the ordinary into extra-ordinary.

Cooking Temperature: Medium-High

Cooking Uses: Sautéing, baking, finishing

Flavor: Bold, aromatic, and flavorful

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food lover
La Tourangelle Roasted Hazelnut Oil is magical

La Tourangelle's Roasted Hazelnut Oil is magical when used in place of olive oil on pasta with fresh basil and tomato. Its delicate flavor improves cakes and makes any chocolate recipe extra special. I've been buying it for years, but recently it seems as though grocery stores have stopped carrying it. I feared it was no longer offered and was very pleased to find it available here on the La Tourangelle site.

Great Idea
Love the Nutty Delicious Flavor of Hazelnut oil!

Sometime mix this with other oils, such as walnut, to achieve a interesting flavor combination.

Eduardo Villamor
Sloppy packaging

All the bottles arrived dented

Bonnie McManis

The hazelnut oil has been my go to salad oil for many years. I pair it with a peach white balsamic and never tire of its fresh, unique flavor. I am so grateful it is available online as grocer supplies change so dramatically. I often gift it to special friends and family as a unique flavor treat.

Jon Thomson
The Bomb

Drizzled over roasted Brussel sprouts it is the bomb !!!