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Artisan Made

Our natural products are crafted locally in California and France using traditional practices. From sourcing the best quality ingredients to small batch production, our products are rooted in artisan know-how. We believe in making products that are authentic, delicious and sustainable, and in by doing so we can spread joy and well-being through food.

french castle and nut mill

A French Castle
and Nut Mill

La Tourangelle was founded over 150 years ago as a small animal-powered oil mill, in the idyllic French town of Saumur (the castle of Saumur is our logo!). Originally, all along the Loire river, there was small artisan oil mills that roasted and extracted the oil from nuts gathered by local farmers. La Tourangelle is one of just a handful of these remaining mills that keep this tradition alive. In the early 1990’s ownership passed to the Kohlmeyer family and La Tourangelle entered in a renaissance phase that saw its business expand internationally fueled by a passion for promoting specialty oils.

Made in California

In 2002, the second eldest son Matthieu moved to California’s Bay Area to recreate his family’s French artisan oil mill. To replicate the century-old equipment, he had to have it custom-made and his American staff was then trained by an oil-roasting artisan from France.

The new oil mill in Woodland, California, produces oil from nuts grown in the fertile Central Valley of California. The highest quality nuts are selected, hand roasted in cast iron pots, mechanically pressed and lightly filtered. These elegant oils each have their own unique flavors.

Today, La Tourangelle remains a thriving family-owned business whose mastery of oil production is the fruit of passion, integrity, and pride. In addition to its own nut oils, La Tourangelle has established partnerships with a handpicked selection of like-minded high quality oil producers, chosen to bring you the best artisan oils from around the World.

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Sustainability – from Soil to Belly

Our artisan legacy makes honoring nature come easily. It is in our genes to revere trees, seeds, kernels and all of nature because we know that it is the only way to produce high-quality products. We are committed to sourcing organic products, working with cooperative fair trade certified suppliers and regenerative farmers, being transparent and honest with our claims evidenced in our certifications, and to giving back to our community with a focus on passing on our values to the next generation through supporting local edible gardens and farm to fork programs.

By combining artisan care and sustainability, we retain all the flavors and nutrients that allow our body and mind to grow and stay healthy. We hope you will enjoy sharing these unique oils and products with loved ones as much as we do.

Community –
La Tourangelle Foundation

La Tourangelle believes that access to good food and good education is the bedrock of a healthy community. That is why we dedicated 2% of our revenues and 5% of our land in Woodland, Yolo County, CA to community projects that support edible gardens within schools, regenerative agriculture and food banks. Learn about the La Tourangelle Foundation’s three pillars of action that work towards community building, sustainability and food security. There is so much positive change we can impact together, and we’re just getting started!