What Are Roasted Nut Oils?

Unlike refined nut oils, which often come from large batches of nut stock — or discounted, low-quality nuts provided in mass amounts to manufacturers — roasted oils like La Tourangelle's roasted nut oils are made from the highest quality, most natural nut sources. They are carefully roasted and pressed to extract the oil rather than being artificially or chemically refined. The high-quality nuts are first hand-roasted in iron kettles, then they are naturally expeller-pressed, carefully and lightly filtered and transferred to bottles. Because roasted nut oils are so carefully extracted without chemical refinement to remove their natural components, they retain a dark color and a rich aroma and flavor like the original nut. Their lack of chemical interference also means roasted nut oils retain the nut's antioxidants and nutrients.

Are Roasted Nut Oils Good for You?

Roasted nut oils retain the most of the original nutritional content of the nut they are extracted from — meaning they are packed with healthy components you should regularly incorporate into your diet. Nuts naturally contain healthy, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, fiber and antioxidants. This could lead to various health benefits, such as lower cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as better immune response, a lower risk of heart disease, weight loss and more. Consuming a moderate amount of nut oil is a great way to absorb all the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants of the original nuts themselves.

Types of Roasted Oils to Use in Your Cooking

Just like there are numerous varieties of nuts, you have so many flavorful options when it comes to cooking with nut oils, and all of them will enhance your dishes beautifully. Roasted nut oils have a lower smoke point than refined nut oils, meaning they are not the best choice for extremely high heat cooking. However, they add wonderful, deep flavor and texture to stir-fries and marinades, vinaigrettes, drizzles, dressings and desserts.For full flavor and smoothness, try La Tourangelle's delicious artisan nut oils like our roasted almond oilroasted hazelnut oilroasted walnut oil and other varieties in your cooking creations today.