6 Benefits of Virgin Avocado Oil

La Tourangelle avocado oil sitting next to fresh avocados.
From toast and guacamole to ceviche, avocados have become one of the most defining health-food trends of the 21st century. For good reason, too! Concentrated down into a cooking oil, this fruit can pack various health benefits into your meals and is a great addition to your staple pantry oils due to its mild taste and medium-high smoke point. This fruit is totally packed with health benefits, and if you love using avocado oil in your meals, there are plenty of reasons to continue doing so. This dynamic product combines flavor, function and health benefits into a delicious all-purpose oil. 

Avocado oil comes from the pulp of the avocado fruit, and undergoes similar processing as extra-virgin olive oil. The "virgin" in virgin avocado oil means that the oil has been extracted from edible-grade fruit and only mechanically pressed and filtered. What results is a rich oil that has endless applications. Whether you drizzle it over a salad or use it to pan-sear meat, avocado oil offers diverse functionality while supporting your health. Avocado oil health benefits span a variety of wellness categories, and it all begins with nutrition.

Avocado Oil Nutrition Facts

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one tablespoon of avocado oil has approximately 124 calories and 14 grams of fat. Though avocado oil is primarily fat, a majority of its fats are healthy and necessary to support normal body function. These fats include the following.

Though the fats in avocado oil are healthy, they are also calorie-dense, so be sure to enjoy them in moderation. When included in a healthy diet, avocado oil can be a flavorful and beneficial addition to your meals.

Health Benefits of Avocado Oil

Is avocado oil good for you? Yes, in many ways — both inside and outside the kitchen. Its high smoke point makes it a versatile cooking oil, and you can use it for a variety of cosmetic and home remedies. Avocado oil's composition also makes it a healthy choice for the following reasons.

1. It's a Good Source of Healthy Fats

Typical avocado oils have a breakdown of fat that includes:

  • 76% monounsaturated fats
  • 12% polyunsaturated fats
  • 12% saturated fats

The monounsaturated fats in avocado oil include oleic acids, which help improve several body functions and promote cardiovascular health. Avocado oil also has omega-3 fatty acids. Studies show these compounds can help reduce the risk of an irregular heartbeat, fatal heart disease, and can lower high blood triglyceride levels.

2. It Helps Your Body Absorb Nutrients

Specific nutrients require fat so the body can properly absorb them. Carotenoids — the compounds that give fruits and vegetables their bright colors — are one of these nutrients. Carotenoids play a vital role in human health, as they decrease the risk of certain cancers and diseases

The foods that have the most carotenoids are fruits and vegetables, which are naturally low-fat options. When you add a healthy fat like avocado oil to foods with carotenoids, your body can better absorb the nutrients to fully reap their benefits. 

One study found participants who added avocado oil to their salsa and salads experienced enhanced carotenoid absorption. 


3. It Supports Cardiovascular Health

According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease claims more lives than chronic lower respiratory disease and all forms of cancer each year. Accordingly, cardiovascular health is a serious consideration. One study found that adults who replaced butter with avocado oil for six days showed improved:

  • Glycemia
  • Insulin levels
  • Total cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Low-density lipoproteins

Regulating these levels — especially cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure — is a crucial measure to reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke. Small choices like adding avocado oil to your cooking can make a noticeable difference in your heart health and disease prevention.

4. It May Reduce Arthritis Symptoms

The risk for arthritis increases with age and for those who have a family history. Arthritis causes swelling and tenderness in one or multiple joints, and can worsen as the condition progresses. A common form of arthritis known as osteoarthritis also causes the cartilage in affected joints to break down. Studies have shown avocado oil can address some of these symptoms.

Compounds called "unsaponifiables" can help reduce the amount of stiffness and pain individuals with osteoarthritis feel. Those with osteoarthritis in their knees may especially benefit from incorporating avocado oil into their diet for three months.

5. It May Help Prevent Gum Disease

The same unsaponifiables in avocado oil that combat arthritis symptoms can also help prevent gum disease. Gum disease causes red, swollen and bleeding gums that can progress into excess plaque and bacteria buildup. In late stages, gum disease may loosen the gums and cause the gums and bone to deteriorate.

One study found that avocado oil's unsaponifiables help block a protein that promotes inflammation, bone loss and tissue destruction from gum disease. Though proper oral hygiene is essential to combat the early and late stages of gum disease, adding avocado oil to your diet can be another helpful step.

6. It Can Help Promote Eye Health

Avocados and avocado oil contain a carotenoid called lutein, which is essential for supporting eye health. As an antioxidant, lutein works to reduce the activity of free radicals in the eyes. Consuming adequate amounts of lutein may reduce your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. In combination with another carotenoid known as zeaxanthin, lutein can also help absorb harmful blue light to help protect your eyes. A variety of green, leafy vegetables are common sources of zeaxanthin.

Our bodies do not naturally produce lutein, so it is critical to consume foods like avocado oil that can help protect and support eye health.

Shop High-Quality Avocado Oil at La Tourangelle 

The health benefits you may experience from avocado oil directly relate to the quality of the oil you consume. When you select a La Tourangelle artisan oil, you can trust that your product has excellent ingredients and authentic production methods. 

La Tourangelle takes care to find and use the highest quality ingredients and processes wherever possible. Our expeller-pressed oils are produced completely naturally, with no added chemicals. We care about sourcing quality, non-GMO ingredients for all of our oils and committing to healthy and sustainable business partnerships. That's why we handcraft our all-natural avocado oil from local ingredients for the ultimate flavor. For a high-quality product that supports health benefits, shop our avocado oil and other artisan oils today.


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