Try These Decadent Truffle Oil Desserts

Try These Decadent Truffle Oil Desserts

Truffle oil is one of the most luxurious flavor profiles you can add to any meal. Many people love infusing its earthy taste into savory favorites like stews, meats and even popcorn. More and more are also recognizing the benefits of using black and white truffles to enhance sweet dishes. Their nutty notes make an excellent complement to chocolates, cakes and other treats.

Truffle Oil Desserts

La Tourangelle has collected some of our favorite truffle oil dessert recipes so you can end your next meal with an elegant, unforgettable taste. Use these as inspiration:

  • Truffle Gelato: Combine heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla extract and truffle oil to create a custard, then use an ice cream maker to turn it into delicious gelato. Intensify the truffle flavor by adding up to an ounce of fresh white truffles on top.
  • Pistachio Truffle Chocolate Cake: If baking is not for you, try a no-bake cake. Bring heavy cream and coffee liqueur to a boil, then add dark chocolate, truffle oil and vanilla while it cools. Pour it into a lined loaf pan and top with pistachios for an easy, gluten-free dessert.
  • Truffle Crème Brûlée: A classic French delicacy, crème brûlée has a beautiful presentation and a sophisticated reputation. You can elevate this dessert even further with the complex taste of white truffle oil to bring out its richness.
  • White Chocolate Truffle Heavenly Mousse: This dish includes panna cotta, white chocolate mousse, truffle ice cream, white chocolate brûlée, white chocolate sheets and truffle milk. If you want a bit of a challenge that promises a delicious reward, set aside a few hours to assemble this decadent dessert.
  • Truffle Honey Panna Cotta: Bring together all of the best sweeteners — honey, cream, vanilla bean and chocolate — along with a touch of savory truffle oil to make this Italian-inspired delicacy.
  • Butternut Squash Truffle Crumble: This delicious dish combines two earthy staples with mushrooms, sage, walnuts and brown sugar for a treat that is both savory and sweet. When you are entertaining guests with different tastes, this crumble is sure to be a favorite.

Start Creating Today

Being in the kitchen is all about experimenting and creating new, exquisite art that is as delicious as it is expressive. Our white truffle oil allows you to make any of these fantastic desserts or come up with your own masterpiece. Explore our artisan oil today to spark your creativity.

start creating truffle oil recipes today

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