Roasted Walnut Oil

La Tourangelle Roasted Walnut oil is the fruit of passionate, patient, and artisanal care. It is pure, all-natural, delicious, and easy to use. We believe traditional methods are still the best ways to retain all the flavors, nutrients and health benefits that nature provides. We extract our ingredients and press our oil with the utmost love and care to provide you with the highest-quality products, like this walnut oil.

Hazelnut Oil

In all your inspired culinary creations, you hope to deliver the most delectable textures, full flavors and tempting taste experiences possible. To craft dishes that are as fresh, flavorful and impressive as you dream, you need to start with the most natural, authentic and delicious ingredients. Luckily, La Tourangelle roasted hazelnut oil is an ideal addition to any dish.

Avocado Oil

If you’re looking for a rich, natural, luscious ingredient to add to your dishes or rejuvenate your health, La Tourangelle’s avocado oil is the perfect choice for your kitchen and your home. Not only is it packed with nutrients and healthy to consume, but it can rejuvenate your appearance when applied topically.

Citrus Chipotle Vinaigrette

Imagine Tex-Mex spices meets Tropicana Citrus Juices. Our tangy and smoky Citrus Chipotle Vinaigrette will not disappoint your need for spicy heat, fruity sweetness and savory flavors. With a healthy dash of our Organic Virgin Avocado Oil, our Citrus Chipotle Vinaigrette will bring the heat to your salads, tacos, burritos and sandwiches.

Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette

Sweet balsamic vinegar, fragrant spices, and a generous splash of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes together to create this smooth and creamy Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette. Add this dressing to salads, sandwiches and veggies for an elegant surprise to your meal!