4 Easy Toast Recipes

4 Easy Toast Recipes

Upgrade your toast with 4 easy recipes! From almond butter to avocado, our toast recipes will be delightful.

avocado toast

1. Avocado Egg Toast

Simple, fresh and flavorful- whip up Jenna's Avocado & Egg Toast with our Avocado Oil for a delicious start to your day. And don't forget the red pepper flakes for an added kick of heat!


walnut chicken salad

2. Walnut Chicken Salad Toast

Make sure your toast packs as much flavor as whatever is piled on top by brushing it with La Tourangelle walnut oil and sprinkling it with a healthy dose of salt and pepper. A bit of white miso, made from fermented soybeans, gives the chicken salad the perfect savory punch it needs to complete this simple, tasty meal.


ricotta and almond butter toast

3. Whipped Ricotta Toast with Fruit and Almond Butter

Sourdough toast topped with whipped ricotta, fresh seasonal fruit, and La Tourangelle French Roast Almond Butter.


tomato confit

4. Tomato Confit Toast

Confit can be anything. It aids whatever-the-thing-being-confited-is to retain its juiciness as it mellows in a soft, slow poach in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This tomato version is infinitely versatile! Add the confit to soups or sauces, spoon it atop eggs, legumes, over fish or chicken, onto toast, and more - and save the confit oil! It is a magical flavor booster. Use it to make vinaigrettes, add it to cook rice or beans, to sear fish - the list goes on. This is a smart recipe to save a bounty, and you two great things in one.

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