Quick On-the-Go Lunch Ideas

Quick On-the-Go Lunch Ideas

Back on the move? Explore these quick and easy lunch ideas to get you through your days.


citrus chipotle breakfast sandwich

1. Citrus Chipotle Breakfast Sandwich

Who said breakfast can't be for lunch?! This has become Marie Reginato's go-to weekend brunch to serve up to friends or even just to enjoy for herself because it has it all - crispy fried egg, peppery arugula, and a vegan citrus-chipotle crema sauce (made with our Organic Citrus Chipotle Vinaigrette) spread all over crusty sourdough bread.


tunisian tuna salad sandwich

2. Tunisian Tuna Salad Sandwich

Instead of using mayo, like a classic tuna salad, @IWillNotEatOysters opted for our avocado oil because of its fruity, delicate flavor. She also used our garlic oil for the mustardy dressing, to add a perfect garlic flavor without the harshness from the fresh kind.


sesame rice noodle bowl

3. Sesame Rice Noodle Bowl

Everything is better in a bowl! Especially when it's a delicious, vegetable forward, toasted sesame noodle bowl that can be made in 20 minutes. This rainbow-licious bowl featuring our Sesame Oil makes a good amount of leftovers and can be enjoyed hot or cold.


smoked trout quinoa bowl

4. Smoked Trout Quinoa Bowl

The umami hit from smoked trout, briny olives, cornichons, and pickled red onions brings punchy verve to mild quinoa. The luxurious texture and special flavor imparted by the herbs de Provence oil - stirred in before adding toppings - is its own subtle treat. Add it all together and finish with crunchy, vibrant vegetables and suddenly it's a luxurious feeling meal. From humble pantry staples!


Persimmon Salad

5. Hazelnut, Persimmon and Mozzarella Salad with Earthbound Farm Rosé Blend

With these tender and crisp red lettuces and robust La Tourangelle Roasted Hazelnut Oil, this beautiful dish highlights the nuanced flavor of Fuyu persimmons!


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