Fall Baking Guide featuring La Tourangelle Nut Oils

Fall Baking Guide featuring La Tourangelle Nut Oils

There are so many reasons why we love fall--PSL's, the leaves changing color, crisp air... and baking season. Autumn is when we get to break out our oven mitts, cake pans, and experiment with new recipes. Fall baking elicits the feeling of homey comforts and a sense of togetherness when you get to share your perfectly baked treats. To celebrate the changing of the seasons we've put together a fall baking guide with our favorite nut oils, which add the perfect layer of flavor and remind us of the coziness of autumn. 


walnut oil carrot cake

1. Walnut Oil Carrot Cake

There is nothing like a fabulous piece of carrot cake for dessert. With a subtle blend of warm spices like cinnamon and ginger, this cake has great texture and moist richness. Our Walnut Oil adds depth of flavor and a layer of rich, nutty taste with every bite.

Brûléed Cranberry Custard Tartlets

2. Brûléed Cranberry Custard Tartlets

 This festive, fall-ready recipe has a wonderful sweet-tart flavor, crispy caramelized sugar top, with a creamy cranberry custard made with Pecan Oil  piled into a nutty, buttery pastry crust.

pistachio biscotti

3. Roasted Pistachio Oil and White Chocolate Biscotti

Whether you are baking for the holiday season or just looking for something to accompany an afternoon cup of tea, these flavorful biscotti cookies are a winner. Toasted pistachios and creamy white chocolate are combined with our award-winning Pistachio Oil to create a delicious, crunchy treat. Biscotti makes for an excellent gift to share with loved ones!

 Blood Orange Almond Cake

4. Blood Orange Almond Cake

Skip the fruitcake this holiday season for a more sophisticated dessert. Colorful, juicy blood oranges are baked into a sweet mix of polenta and almond flour. Roasted Almond Oil adds depth of flavor to this picture-perfect cake, which will easily take center stage on your buffet table.

hazelnut oil blondies

5. Roasted Hazelnut Blondies

Blondies get an update from roasted hazelnut oil, which keeps the blondies soft and chewy for days. Switch these up by using roasted walnut oil and toasted walnuts, or roasted peanut oil and chopped chocolate peanut butter cups.

 one bowl chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting

6. One-Bowl Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

This super easy, gluten-free, one-bowl chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting gets big flavor from La Tourangelle Roasted Peanut Oil, malty teff flour, brown sugar and buttermilk all crowned with swirls of salty frosting. Follow this recipe for chocolate peanut butter cake perfection!

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